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  Synergistic Research's Tricon Phono Cable
I'm trying different cables between my TT and Phono preamp. I've tried Nordost Valhalla and now use Purist Audio Venustas, both sound nice, but since most of the cabling I use is Synergistic Research I was wondering if anybody has experience with the SR Tricon phono cable. I don't see much info about them.

Mjglo  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

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03-30-08   I tried, and now own, the tricon analogue. the tricon is a r ...   Thaluza

03-30-08   I was wanting to try silver auidio's silver breeze and the h ...   Mjglo

03-30-08: Violin
I agree with Thaluza, I tried the Synergistics phono cable against the Hovland and Cardas and I bought the Tricon. It does everything that Thalusa said. I am a violinist and have played in several Symphony Orchestras and this cable reproduces the most realistic sound of instruments that I have heard.The tonality, dynamics, depth, width, everything is there. The Cardas did not have as big a soundstage and could sound edegy, the Hovland was very recessed behind the speakers, at least that is what I observed in my system. I do not think that you could go wrong with it, especially since you already have Synergistic Research cable in your system.
Violin  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

03-30-08   Thank you, i can't wait.   Mjglo

03-30-08   Ditto guys-i need to update my system description however i ...   Leica_man

03-31-08   Is this cable available with a right angle connector,like my ...   Sirspeedy

03-31-08: Violin
Sirspeedy, I do not know if the Tricon is available with a Din plug or not. My cable is just a pair of Tricon interconnects with RCA plugs on each end and a ground wire on the ends of each cable. I got mine from The Cable Co. since that way I could try out several cables at the same time. The cost was $900 for I believe one and a half meters. Call Steve at the Cable Co. and he can answer your question. Believe me , it is worth it.
Violin  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

05-15-08   Mjglo: i too have recently upgraded to the tricon analog an ...   Scottyw

05-15-08   in the process of moving my audio system from the long wal ...   Islandmandan

05-15-08   Sirspeedy, yes it does come in right angle...   Jmo

05-15-08   Just curious if anyone actually compared this to a silver br ...   Ducatirider

05-17-08: Violin
I stated my comparisons above on 3-30-08 so you can tell that I thought the Tricon was fantastic. My advice- go ahead and reach for it, you will not be disapointed !!
Violin  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

05-21-08   My set of tricon analog phono cables arrived today. i replac ...   Jmo

05-21-08   jmo, i also have the 507 mkii. what are the rest of ...   Isanchez

05-22-08   Isanchez, all of my cables are synergistic research... the ...   Jmo

05-22-08   Jmo, thanks for the advice. i think i'll definitely auditi ...   Isanchez

05-22-08   Isanchez, you are welcome. the tricon analog phono cable is ...   Jmo

05-22-08   Jmo, thanks for sharing your impressions of the tricon cabl ...   Isanchez

05-23-08   Jmo, i take it the tricon doesn't use active shielding. i g ...   Splaskin

05-23-08   Steve, you are 100% correct. get ready to take your ears o ...   Jmo

05-23-08   I have always been fascinated with "this" subject ...   Sirspeedy

05-23-08   ..try anti-cables... they have a money back guarantee, and ...   Stringreen

05-23-08   Sirspeedy raised a good point. i called my synergistic deal ...   Splaskin

05-23-08   Splaskin, i agree that's what i did with all of my cables a ...   Jmo

05-24-08   This tiny fragile signal of your cartridge before it gets to ...   Stiltskin

05-24-08   I listened to the tricon phono cable today in my system. i r ...   Splaskin

05-24-08   Steve(btw,how are you,and nice to se you post)... can you ...   Sirspeedy

05-24-08   Nice to hear from you sirspeedy. i was using revelation aud ...   Splaskin

05-25-08   Steve, your audition didn't take long.:o) it's amazing how ...   Jmo

05-25-08   Jmo, it was easy to make a decision when you have a broken- ...   Splaskin

05-26-08   Steve, with the addition of the tricon analog phone cable m ...   Jmo

06-19-08   How much is the tricon cable 1 meter, i cant seem to find an ...   Voraratc

06-19-08   $800.00 usd   Jmo

04-01-09   Hi, i wonder whether in the year that has passed any more ' ...   Hassel

03-04-11   I am in the midst of demoing a few dedicated phono cables by ...   Marsanz

01-28-12   I also did a similar shoot-out of phono cables using the cab ...   Radioheadokplayer

03-26-12   Just bought the trcion cable. wow!!!!   Dsholl1

06-02-12   I just compare tricon and vortex from synergistic against my ...   Pojuojuo

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