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  Where exactly do I add oil to VPI classic motor
I believe it is time to lubricate my VPI classic 1 motor. The owners manual says to add 1 drop of 40 weight motor oil below the brass piece. It doesn't give any more specifics than that. Can someone that has done this please explain to me how to do so in a bit more detail? I can't see the brass piece in question. Do I need to remove the motor cover to do this. It doesn't say to remove it in the VPI manual. I can hear an audible noise coming from the motor that I didn't hear or notice before. It is almost like a clicking sound but not quite that loud. I can't hear the noise through my speakers during playback but, I just want to make sure the motor is lubricated properly and not risk damaging it. Thank you.
Andyprice44  (System | Threads | Answers | This Thread)

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10-13-12   Andy, some vpi motors have an external brass collar toward t ...   Dgarretson

10-13-12   I use a wooden toothpick onto which i have placed a small be ...   Stevecham

10-13-12   Andy, do not remove or loosen anything! vpi's instructions l ...   Actusreus

10-13-12   The noise i am hearing isn't a wooshing sound. it is a ticki ...   Andyprice44

10-13-12   The "brass piece" is not inside the plinth, which ...   Actusreus

10-14-12   Ok, i understand now. my "brass piece" is powder c ...   Andyprice44

10-14-12   I have found the brass piece that was mentioned in the instr ...   Andyprice44

10-15-12   The motor and pulley are precision parts that are assembled ...   Actusreus

10-15-12   Actusreus, i can respect your opinion an ...   Andyprice44

10-15-12   The pulley sits on top of the brass collar, correct? why do ...   Brf

10-15-12   Andy, it's ok if you did it differently and ignored my advi ...   Actusreus

10-15-12   Again, i can't speak to specifically to the classic, but mos ...   Brf

10-15-12   Mine do not look like screws that can be removed with an all ...   Actusreus

10-15-12: Brf
That sounds about the right size and there should be three grub screws. You are right that it is not necessary to remove the pulley to lubricate the motor, but you made it sound that by doing so you are upsetting the balance of a Swiss watch.

I know Classic owners who adjust the pulley height to ensure that the belt runs in the groove cut out of the newer platter to help eliminate belt creep. End users have been changing VPI pulleys for years, whether to install a dual 33/45 pulley, or to change the pulley to compensate for a change in platter dimension.

In any event, the only real consensus is how poorly VPI writes their manuals.

Brf  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

10-15-12   The brass collar i am speaking of is hidden below the pulley ...   Andyprice44

10-15-12   In view of the analog care and feeding that is necessary to ...   Dgarretson

10-15-12   If "feeding" is necessary, you surely should be ab ...   Actusreus

10-16-12   In my instance the brass collar below the pulley was too clo ...   Dgarretson

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