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  Synergistic New Tesla Line...Any comments?
I just bought Synergistic Research's new Tesla Accelerator speaker cables and Tesla Vortec interconnects from The Cable Company. I have tried many demo cables from The Cable Company over the past year. These were the first to give me that WOW factor I been looking for so long.

Does anyone have these cables and can you please post your impressions and comments? Thanks.
Joeyboynj  (System | Threads | Answers | This Thread)

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02-21-07   Joe, i'm auditioning the accelerator speaker cables right no ...   Audphile1

02-22-07   I posted the paragraphs below a couple of weeks ago on anoth ...   Daveallison

02-23-07   Just starting to read and learn about these new cables from ...   Oak3x

02-23-07   The quattro is the latest power center for the synergistic c ...   Joeyboynj

02-23-07   Belkin surge master from home depot has five perfectly space ...   240zracer

02-23-07   Joeyboynj, i use a combination of designer ref and resolut ...   Rb99

02-23-07   Anybody knows the tesla line-up? from bottom to top, where d ...   Audphile1

02-23-07   Spoke with sr today - the telsa website should be up next we ...   Rb99

02-23-07   Rb99, this is information i found on the net and from talkin ...   Joeyboynj

02-23-07   Joe, thanks for the line-up. so the accelerator is right in ...   Audphile1

02-24-07   I'm on their website right now- the new tesla website is up! ...   Leica_man

02-24-07   Well, that "new way of bi-wiring" looks like a jum ...   Audphile1

02-24-07   "by applying a two million volt signal to a cable at a ...   Rb99

02-24-07   It seems they have developed an "electromagnetic lens&q ...   Leica_man

02-24-07   Rb99, i don't bealive "stereo review" has ever rev ...   Leica_man

02-24-07   "electromagnetic lens technology" here's a quote ...   Leica_man

02-24-07   Leica_man: "i don't bealive "stereo review" ...   Rb99

02-27-07   Ok -- here's my two cents: i actually really value most ste ...   Scottyw

02-27-07   Scotty, how do tell did you get to "audition" aq c ...   Leica_man

02-27-07   Scottyw - thanks for the review. just sent in my designer r ...   Rb99

02-27-07   Rb99: not a problem. synergistics' customer service from m ...   Scottyw

02-27-07   Leica_man: sorry if my comments were confusing; let me expl ...   Scottyw

03-05-07   I talked to eliott and ted at synergistic on friday about re ...   Joeyboynj

03-07-07   I'm interested to see if these ic's made as profound a diffe ...   Scottyw

03-07-07   Audphile1: i also have the accelerator speaker cables in my ...   Scottyw

03-07-07   Scottyw, agreed. excellent cables. however, i ordered a pad ...   Audphile1

03-07-07   Audiophile1- i read your posts regarding reservations for sr ...   Leica_man

03-07-07   Leica, precision reference? that is an expensive cable. i ha ...   Audphile1

03-10-07   Audiophile, that is so weird! in my system the pad cables we ...   Leica_man

03-10-07   Leica_man, were you auditioning the pad anniversary aqueous? ...   Audphile1

03-10-07   I'm about to buy some new ics and speaker wire. after a lot ...   Geojap

03-10-07   Geo, you must audition these cables before you buy. the key ...   Audphile1

03-12-07   Audiophile, "were you auditioning the pad anniversary a ...   Leica_man

03-12-07   Leica_man, just like you said, it is system dependent. which ...   Audphile1

03-12-07   Leica_man, if you don't mind me asking, what are the compone ...   Geojap

03-13-07   My system: all electronics are t + a. if you've never heard ...   Leica_man

03-13-07   Geo: i agree with must audition the synerg ...   Scottyw

03-17-07   So how are you liking your new sr cables? pretty amazing stu ...   Leica_man

03-17-07   So how are you liking your new sr cables? pretty amazing stu ...   Leica_man

03-18-07   Hi anybody has any idea abt the prices of the tesla line? do ...   Audioblazer

03-18-07   Type in synergistic research tesla accelerator cables + pric ...   Opus88

03-18-07   Opus88, as simple as that and i didnt realize it. has been t ...   Audioblazer

03-22-07   Installed the tesla apex ics and speaker cables today. i ha ...   Rb99

03-24-07   Hi, i am a bit confused. is the quantum tunneling treatment ...   Tboooe

03-24-07   Scottw, just wondering what pass labs gear you have? i have ...   Tboooe

03-24-07   Quantum tunneling is free and is applied to tesla accelerato ...   Joeyboynj

03-24-07   When i took delivery of my tesla accelerator interconnects a ...   Leica_man

03-24-07   I am going to give the acoustic ref and accelerator products ...   Tboooe

03-25-07   Tboooe, by all accounts, the difference is very substantial, ...   Geojap

03-25-07   Geojop, thanks for the reply but i was referring to the acou ...   Tboooe

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