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  Ever hear a power cable make a huge difference?
I just had to share this. I went to synergistic research the other day to get some cables re-terminated. I saw some power cords on the floor and decided to ask about them. Ted, said they were all prototypes, would I like to listen. He brought me into the demo room and played some great music. He switched out the preamp power cord for one of the prototypes and man was it noticably better. Then, he left and came back into the room with a big smile on his face. He pulled a cable from the back that I swear was just recently built. He confirmed that no one had listened to it yet. He put the new power cable on the preamp and...................NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!! It was unbelieveable what a difference I heard. I could not believe how much bigger the sound stage grew, better focus, detail, and faster tighter bass. I had him switch the PC in and out because I just could not believe what I heard. Then he said "lets make it better." He brought it to his Tesla machine and gave it a quantum tunneling. He put it back in the system and to my surprise it was un believably better then what I had just heard. It now made the whole system easily sound 3 times as good. I just could not believe my ears. Then I had to know, how much could I get this cable for. I would think at least $2000 if not $3000. Nope, this will probably go for $500. Well Ted, sign me up for a few of those bad boys.
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08-26-07   Tbg, i think you are too naive. defending a purchase that ot ...   Tvad

08-26-07   Tvad, i think you misjudge me. i do post my experiences for ...   Tbg

08-26-07   Tbg, you may hate the scam police, but in doing so don't you ...   Newbee

08-26-07   Newbee, isn't a question of whose freedom of speech is being ...   Tbg

08-26-07   All claims about magical power cords and interconnects shoul ...   Rwwear

08-26-07   in other words, try them and listen. only after listening i ...   Tvad

08-26-07   "in other words, try them and listen. only after list ...   Samuel

08-26-07   If indiduals had thicker skin or weren't so concerned about ...   Mrtennis

09-18-07   Do power cords make a difference? i visited the synergistic ...   Leica_man

09-18-07   I find mit power cords are extremely effective. i consider t ...   Psacanli

09-18-07   Yes, in answer to the original question. anyone who debates ...   Bigamp

09-22-07   I think i'll stick to my original statement here. "why ...   Alun

09-23-07   Alun, the same answer applies to why they don't provide a be ...   Tbg

09-23-07   the answer of " products are designed to a price point ...   Leica_man

09-24-07   I have a great idea. designers should provide no power cords ...   Mrtennis

09-24-07   Mrtennis, some already provide no power cords, accustic arts ...   Tbg

09-24-07   Maybe cars should come without tires, too, so people can per ...   Douglas_schroeder

09-24-07   Buy at radio shack.   Tbg

09-25-07   Evil cable empire is a good moniker for them. it is sorta li ...   Rwwear

09-25-07   Rwwear, i find your comment personally insulting. i am tempt ...   Douglas_schroeder

09-25-07   I don't have to keep anything to myself ds if i don't want t ...   Rwwear

09-25-07   Douglas_schroeder, you call them the "cable atheists&qu ...   Tbg

09-25-07   Rwwear, i made a joke and you took the opportunity to turn i ...   Douglas_schroeder

09-25-07   My experiences with power cables tells me that no doubt a di ...   Stltrains

09-25-07   Stltains, you're quite right. i'm willing to lay off the rhe ...   Douglas_schroeder

09-26-07   I agree. i should not have said what i said.   Rwwear

09-29-07   Back to the original post, i recently had a similar experien ...   Sherod

09-29-07   a five foot fusion audio impulse power cord is $1200 . th ...   Tvad

09-29-07   Tvad, yes, the $1,200.00 is their suggested retail, but as ...   Sherod

09-30-07   apparently similar to the electra glide audio pricing model ...   Tvad

09-30-07   Introductory pricing only initially to get acceptance in the ...   Sherod

09-30-07   Ok. best of luck to the fusion audio folks.   Tvad

09-30-07   At first glance the jacket and label on these cords bear a s ...   Audiofeil

09-30-07   No bill. yes, there is a resemblance to the electraglide cor ...   Sherod

09-30-07   Bill(audiofeil), i apologize for implying that you might con ...   Sherod

09-30-07   Yes. i was very,very impressed when i used one of mit's top ...   Psacanli

09-30-07   I use the fusion audio cables as well, and folks, these are ...   1markr

10-01-07   please enlighten us with the gear used to evaluate (compare ...   Jafox

10-01-07   Jafox, so as not to ruffle feathers and go through the fla ...   Sherod

10-02-07   Regarding power cords anda big heads up here; i rhink many p ...   Gonzalo

10-12-07   Heads up- i saw the new synergistic research power cords on ...   Leica_man

10-12-07   Which one is the one brutus was talking about?   Audphile1

10-12-07: Tboooe
Leican man, thanks for the headsup. It looks like the Hologram cables use Oyaide plugs???? That would be great!
Tboooe  (System | Reviews | Threads | Answers | This Thread)

10-13-07   Used a magnum ac 2 (~$550 'agon') on cd player. wow!   Psacanli

10-14-07   What cd player did you use the magnum on? which cord did you ...   Jimman

10-14-07   Been gone to china and vietnam for two weeks...back for a wh ...   Douglas_schroeder

10-16-07   Jimman, toshiba sd9200 dvd player, replaced z cord ll.   Psacanli

02-03-08   the op hit the nail on the head in his original post- follo ...   Leica_man

02-09-08   Cable "burn-in" is a loosely used term since the c ...   Draudio

02-10-08   Marigo audio andromeda power cords. they come in two differe ...   Yoby

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