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  Virtual Dynamics vs Tesla
Has anyone experience with both VD and SR cables? I'd like to know how these brands compare, especially the Revelation and Genesis line of VD against the SR Tesla Acoustic Reference through Apex (interconnects, speaker cables and/or power cables). I have Genesis IC and I like it soundwise but it's very hard to manage. Also very expensive to cable a system with all Genesis. Thanks!!
Crisbrav  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

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11-09-09: Flashunlock

I'm currently using both mentioned brands of cables in my system. I love the VD rev-2 and Genesis but recently slowly liking the SR cables more for its easy to manage in spaces and once matching them correctly will give you a much more spacious open sound over the VD's. The VD Genesis PC and IC are one of the best as Im still using them alongside the SR but I have found wiring the whole system with SR cables and getting them right is in another level. I recently did a shoot out between the Genesis Vs Tesla Apex speaker cables and found the Apex to be more open with a taller image placement and more insight into the music although the Genesis gave more bass control and dynamics. To be honest, a whole system wired with SR cables through their Powercell 10se which I also own is a winner.
Hope this helps.

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11-09-09: Flashunlock

They are the VD Gen 1.1. Interesting that you are using JPS Alu and going to the Gen 2. I alway want to try their Alu PC's but never got the chance.... what are your views?.


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11-09-09: Flashunlock
We all are spending way too much on cables and with designers always coming up with newer models supposibly better than the old, we are just suckers within their game. Theres always a new flavour of the month and everyone's system/ taste in sound differs so much.
A old audiophile friend told me once that if a hardwear component is designed correctly, it eliminates the real needs for exoctic fancy cables to untimately alter or change it's original sound. Just my opinion but I'm also one of those suckers :)

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11-14-09: Flashunlock
The VD Genesis are awesome cables so are SR. I've mixed them to great effect... front end genesis pc and XLR balanced gives me more dynamic and control over Hologram D and apex but pre/pwr are all SR and powercell 10SE. Speaker cables are VD Rev-2.


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