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  Your jaw dropping cables

Did you have any jaw dropping experience with any type of cable? Please refer to the cable and its predecessor (and I'm not referring just to VFM - also expensive ones count).
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05-23-12   They are all just wires with minor variations in performance ...   Dave_b

05-24-12   Over the years i now beleive the dielectric matter as much, ...   Stevecham

05-24-12   Signal cable, the silver resolution series. used to use mi33 ...   Jkorten

06-06-12   Crimson. beat kimber select (speaker and interconnect), and ...   Devilboy

06-08-12   My eye opener was switching speaker cables from nordost flat ...   Dhcod

06-08-12   I recently heard a cable loom of zensati cables at a show. t ...   David12

06-08-12   I'm still curious how one "hears" any cable? sure ...   Jcote

06-09-12   Cables are no different than other components, and make as m ...   Branislav

06-09-12   I posted something last night but apparently it didn't take. ...   Devilboy

06-09-12   Jcote: i disagree. everything in a system has a signature ...   Devilboy

11-27-12   Jps labs aluminata ic's, jps labs kaptovator power cables, p ...   Correo

12-01-12   My computer audio system consists of an asus laptop feeding ...   Freediver

12-02-12   My master built (by delphi aerospace) speaker cables and int ...   Thankful

12-02-12   I have the same high opinion of the masterbuilt cables, inte ...   Kernelbob

12-03-12   Atlas cables end of story the best.   Hocheye

12-03-12   Lessloss anchorwave loudspeaker cables. i went from kimber ...   Aaronknock

12-03-12   I have heard a lot of cables. i have reviewed many. i don't ...   Mrtennis

12-04-12: Pixelphoto
Not IC's or speaker cables but jumper connectors for my integrated. DIY using Neotech 21ga hookup wire and Neutrik/Rean RCA plugs. Plugged them in and hit play on the transport and was stopped in my tracks on the way back to my seat. Just two pieces of three inch wire and a pair of inexpensive RCA plugs. I now fully appreciate wire now. Soon I'll be ordering Neotech IC's from Take Five.
Pixelphoto  (System | Threads | Answers | This Thread)

12-05-12   Having a jaw-dropping cable experience means the predecessor ...   Ohlala

12-05-12   My jaw drops when i see the asking price for some cables. o ...   Mapman

12-07-12   \_/ ditto !!!!!!!   Tpreaves

03-06-14   Musicxyz, have tried acoustic zen absolute vs. hidiamond? wh ...   Jkuc

03-06-14   There is a magic sonic hologram at the end of the tunnel tha ...   Tbg

03-06-14   Agree with tbg completely. they are the best cables i have e ...   Calloway

03-06-14   "did you have any jaw dropping experience with any type ...   Ohlala

03-06-14   Ohlala, much depends on what this phrase means. physically, ...   Tbg

03-07-14   From various cords - tg audio, valhalla, elrod eps & stateme ...   Jfz

03-06-14   Icorem- stage iii concepts power cords. offered via brian @ ...   Jafant

03-06-14   That's a lotta tweaks.   Geoffkait

03-09-14   Tara labs the one: went from tara labs rsc air one speaker c ...   Cerrot

03-10-14   Lessloss dfpc reference pc. not many out there yet, soon to ...   Nglazer

04-05-14   Cables have a shelf life of 2 years and then they are sold w ...   Glory

04-05-14   "week" minded. if the shoe fits...   Judyazblues

04-06-14   Yea weak minded for sure judy nice come back :)   Glory

04-08-14   Interesting reading, i want to hear more :-)!   Lak

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