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  Synergistic Research IC Active Shielding
Syn. Res. IC users that have the ICs with the "pigtails", ie set up for active shielding are probably aware of the $1000. box that provides the power for the active shields. Well, SR now has "wall wart" power supplies for a single pair of "pigtail" equipped ICs. I got two of these a couple days ago and like them a lot. SR has an introductory price of $50. apiece ($75. list). Mine came from A Sanctuary of Sound-- a good Audiogon Dealer.

I first plugged these wall warts (they have about 3 ft. leads) into a Monster HTS 1000 power strip, which was plugged into a dedicated outlet-- but forgot to turn the power strip on-- and listened for 3 hours. Duh! These first 3 hours, music sounded too bright, analytic and gave me a headache-- I think there may have been some kind of negative antenna affect going on? And I was wondering if the dealer would take them back?

But when I went to unplug them, I realized that the Mini's were not powered, and the shields not active. After ACTUALLY GIVING THEM POWER, music had a completely different and improved character, whehter compared to the non-powered Minis or compared to my system without them. I don't want to use a lot of Stereophile verbiage here, but I will say music was natural, some edge was gone from what I thought were overly bright CDs, but the most striking improvement was in soundstaging-- stronger and wider, while still sounding natural. The overall improvement was definitely worthwhile, but not dramatic. I sure recommend them. Cheers. Craig.
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05-12-01   ........i should note that i've only used the mini's a coupl ...   Garfish

05-13-01: Ikarus
Fully agree. Those things took away the 'edge'. I have them 2~3 weeks now. I haven't noticed any break-in effects. I'm told by the dealer that the leads supplied by the 'mini's are different than the original active shielding leads. (According to him) Synergistic will now be using this 'new-and-improved' leads.
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05-13-01   Ikarus; thanks for confirming that i wasn't having a " ...   Garfish

05-13-01   Craig, i see you went back to sr cable. i am still using th ...   Myoussif

05-14-01: Bob_bundus
Completely agree with the "smoothing of edginess" and "enhancements in staging" but I would say that the dramatic staging improvement is most immediately noticable. I also noticed a blacker noise floor with the active shielding.
There are two major differences between the wall wart power modules & the Master Control Center. (1) With the MCC you can change AC cords, which has a definite effect on the sound. I don't have a clue about why this happens because in my mind it shouldn't have any effect at all, but it definitely does. When I borrrowed a dealer-demo MCC before ordering my own, I also borrowed every AC cord made by Synergistic. Best sonic results were achieved with their best cord, the Designer Reference Squared. It's a lot more $ but worth it.
(2) The MCC DC output modules actually have two different DC shielding voltages available; 15 volts & 30 volts (you don't have this choice with the wall warts). J1 & J2 are 30 volt active shields. J3 is a 15 volt active shield, and according to Synergistic's Scott Novak the lower voltage may work better on source components. I found that this sounded better on my CD player source, but my turntable & tuner seemed to sound the same using either voltage. Preamp to poweramp also seemed to sound the same either way.
(3) Also: the MCC offers availablilty of a second output module, allowing up to 6 pair of interconnects to be active shielded. I bought the second module also because now I have two lower-voltage shields available for experimentation, and I have a number of SR interconnects so I needed it anyway.
Overall I would recommend this active shielding system mainly for "better" rigs, where you can really appreciate the improvements. I would probably not use it for just an average quailty A/V setup.

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05-14-01   Hi bob; thanks for the detailed report on the syn. res. mc ...   Garfish

05-15-01   No mr. garland i don't know that shielding voltage, but a vo ...   Bob_bundus

05-25-01: Audiofrk
I was also looking at the Master Control Center, but thought I'd investigate this new MPC product - since it;s only $50, much less than the big unit! Synergistic says they do the same thing, though the big unit is "more refined" and has a big power cord. I was told that it passes a current into the shield and "turbocharges" the shield, while it charges the dielectric at the same time, so it secures the conductor purity or something (that's where he lost me). I did a demo on the dealers system and it sounded AWESOME - richer and more dynamic soundstage - but I haven't been to this dealer before, so I wondered if anyone else tried it. Glad to hear others have had positive results.
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05-26-01   I have the designer ref. with the updated module and have fo ...   Evo845

03-30-10   I would like to try sr cable son my system i have tried tara ...   Sorlowski

03-30-10: Tbg
Sorlowski, I would suggest that you call Synergistic Research and ask your questions.

I would strongly suggest that you guys visit

Much of it will be of interest to you.

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03-30-10   Mr sorlowski: the power supply/voltage to the shield is comp ...   Rodman99999

03-31-10   Thank you for pointing me to that great thread !   Sorlowski

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