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Avid Diva/PS Audio GCPH

Main Components
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  Audio Magic Eclipse
  Avid Diva Turntable
  SME Series IV Tonearm
  Shelter 501 Mk II Cartridge
  Ayre C-5xe Universal Player
  Aesthetix Calypso Preamp
  PS Audio GCPH Phono preamp
  Y B A 2 Alpha HC Amplifier
  PMC OB1 Speakers
  Arcam DV27A DVD player
  Audience Au24 Speaker Cable
  Purist Audio Dominus Ferrox
  Purist Audio Dominus Fluid Power cord
  Harmonix X-DC StudioMaster Power Cord
  Audience Powerchord
  Cardas Golden Reference Power Cord
  Purist Audio Venustas Phono Interconnect
  Purist Audio Venustas Interconnect
  Audience Au24 RCA Interconnect
  Panasonic HD Plasma

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After having a 5.1 system, I've decided to move back to a dedicated 2 channel system that incorporates a dvd video playback. I've been playing around with assorted tweaks lately and have settled (for now anyways!) on the following:
- Myrtle blocks under my Ayre C-5xe
- HRS isolation pods under my Calypso
- Avid Diva Platform under my Avid Diva turntable
- Hi-Fi Tuning uprgaded fuses
- Black Diamond Racing cones under my YBA amplifier
- Duende Criatura tube rings for my Calypso tubes
Calgarian5355  (System | Threads | Answers | This Thread)

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05-31-06   Nice system nut no pics? i am a fan of the dome mid range th ...   Shadorne

06-01-06   System edited: pictures are forthcoming! i am no longer usi ...   Calgarian5355

06-01-06   Shadorne.... thanks for your post. i've not heard the energ ...   Calgarian5355

06-01-06   Hi, i am using ob1 too, i just got it last week, it sounds ...   Rickychan911

08-31-06   The pmc ob1's are great speakers. i wonder how your yba's 75 ...   Ryder

09-03-06   Tony, i missed your reply until now...great that you are ha ...   Shadorne

09-05-06   Shadorne... i only use the center channel for home theatre ( ...   Calgarian5355

09-05-06   Ryder... for me, the yba's 75 wpc is not an issue. i live ...   Calgarian5355

09-06-06   Tony, good to hear power is not an issue with your ob1's. m ...   Ryder

01-03-07   I thought i would update my system since it has changed so m ...   Calgarian5355

01-05-07   Calgarian, very nice system! no doubt you've put time into ...   Vman71

01-05-07   Nice system, enjoyed seeing the picture of the inside of you ...   Glenfihi

01-18-07   Thanks for your comments. glen, the copland is no longer a ...   Calgarian5355

07-08-07   System edited: added purist audio dominus power cord for the ...   Calgarian5355

07-08-07   I really like the looks of your system. is the rack store bo ...   Jg47

07-08-07   I'm a bit embarrassed to say that the rack is from ikea for ...   Calgarian5355

07-08-07   Hey calgaryian, a fellow calgarian suggests that for a possi ...   Alun

08-20-07   System edited: almost done for now! i most recently added t ...   Calgarian5355

08-24-07   Hi from another canuck. nice system, good to see vinyl being ...   Rugyboogie

11-25-15   I am thinking of going with some pmc gb1 speakers in my 14' ...   Sbrownnw

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