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 Bed-Stuy Budget






  Bed-Stuy Budget
  Thorens TD-125  pic
  Denon dl 103  pic
  VTL TL-2.5 Tube preamp
  Mapleshade ic & speaker cable
  VTL ST-85 Tube amp
  Snell Type D Speaker
  van den Hul MC-10 Special Cartridge  pic

Bed-Stuy Budget
I bought these Snells with my first job out of college. iv had them now for 17 years…wow time flies! i have very slowly upgraded along the way…but i have other hobbies also. i just recently rewired this sme 3009 that came with this thorens 125. sounded so good i put it in a cherry plinth…now it looks good too! i keep thinking about going totally upscale but the music sounds great! the Snells have kept up with each upgrade but i may in the future replace them. the thorens is about as much as i want…and i don't think i can get significantly more from digital without trading in my harley. Simple amp and preamp, fantastic tt, cool music server (great sound, just not vinyl) . that's it. if you have suggestions or comments…totally cool!
Phduncanson  (System | Reviews | Threads | Answers | This Thread)

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06-17-13   System edited: i believe i am way past the point of new spea ...   Phduncanson

06-17-13   On ebay or here sometimes you can find an-es below 3k. i am ...   Jetrexpro

06-18-13   Would love to stop by! i was admiring your set up a few week ...   Phduncanson

06-19-13   I'll pm you.   Jetrexpro

06-19-13   Are you in brooklyn bed-stuy? i heard this isn't safe area t ...   Czarivey

06-19-13   Ha! bed-stuy brooklyn is capital of the world! no it isnt sa ...   Phduncanson

06-19-13   Most of brooklyn now very safe. bed-stuy included. beautiful ...   Jetrexpro

06-19-13   Hey jetrex… the legend still lingers, bed-stuy do or die! ;) ...   Phduncanson

06-19-13   Most of brooklyn now very safe. bed-stuy included. beautiful ...   Jetrexpro

06-19-13   Hey - at least it isn't bushwick! but who am i to talk - i' ...   Emailists

06-20-13   Hey emailists - thanks for chimin in… nice space and nice sy ...   Phduncanson

06-20-13   I saw a few individuals in bed-stuy on bicycles wearing pris ...   Czarivey

06-21-13   Hi emailists, glad to know you are in nyc! agreed with phdun ...   Jetrexpro

06-21-13   Hey i work in park slope does that count me in ?   Evank

06-21-13   I remember listening to those snells in a high end shop in c ...   Timrhu

06-21-13   Hi evank, do you live in brooklyn? your zu speakers look c ...   Jetrexpro

06-23-13   Jetrexpro. i'm in si   Evank

06-25-13   Hey timrhu - thanks man… yeah, i need a place rug, room trea ...   Phduncanson

07-27-13   Great sounds in the city. snell speakers are tops and paired ...   Glenfihi

07-28-13   Thanks glen - it is nice… sometimes i wonder if i must get n ...   Phduncanson

07-30-13   Your ears will let you know when it is time to change your s ...   Glenfihi

07-31-13   Beautiful system, am strongly considering a thorens myself w ...   Lou_setriodes

07-31-13   Phduncanson and i spent a few hours listening at his home an ...   Jetrexpro

08-02-13   Glenfihi - you may be right! and thanks lou… yeah man, i str ...   Phduncanson

08-03-13   Just posted it on brooklynaudiophile: ...   Phduncanson

08-06-13   Do or die bed-stuy, i like your system not to many vinyl hea ...   Billj

08-08-13   Cool bill! ill give a call sometime next week - we can set ...   Phduncanson

08-09-13   I would enjoy stopping by.   Jetrexpro

08-09-13   Of course jetrex...   Phduncanson

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